Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baby Knits_ October 2016

Since I dont get to my blog as often as I would like to I have to periodically play catch up to share what I have been up to lately. So many projects, so little time. Lots of babies popping into the world lately so I have been knitting more baby and child knits recently. I kinda like it cuz they are smaller quick projects. 
The Blanket took me 18 days to it was a bit longer, of course. I used two strands of worsted weight yarn and it was a bit tough as I was using up quite a bit of my yarn stash....and as I was knitting along, I didnt realize that I had a shift in whites. Oh No!!! Well, I had gone too far to turn back now. So I kept going and through out, I ended up finding some yarn that closely matched the first thick stripe of cream white and went for it! Of course, it seems every WIP just has to have its share of issues...of course, lol. Well, take a look at these cable bunnies! I had knit ALL the first 6 cable bunnies wrong!! I had to go back and drop 24 stitches down 8 rows each in order to pick up as purls to define the ears on these cute bunnies. It was not as hard as I first thought and it went fairly quickly, thank goodness! 

And the END RESULT!!??? FABULOUS (After Blocking, I couldnt be more pleased)

Next up we have a barter knit...I have a friend who likes to trade her goods for my knits. She loves to coupon and can its always a suprise what she sends. 
This (Paid Pattern: Azel Pullover can be found on Ravelry) I really like how quickly this worked up. What a fabulous and well written pattern. I am always weary about buying patterns as I am afraid I might not be able to understand written pattern and waste my money. This one is wonderful. 
I still have a bit of tidying up to do and buttons to pick (these buttons pictured are just for show. Planning on light pink buttons).. This very soon will be ready to ship off. 

Here we have my very first onesie knit up for our newest grandson, Troy Carter K. He is absolutely adorable...and I hope this fits him by the time it gets to him. I still need to tidy up all the ends and a new to me skill of placing snaps on it...I am also thinking about doing some duplicate stitch on the front and am not sure what I want to do just yet...stars, a rocket ship, or a puppy, a car, ect. So many ideas. lol 


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