Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yarnin' Catch Up~

 This is the baby gnome hat!! A lovely lady won this in a celebration auction! I hope she will come back and share pics once the baby is born. =o)

 I think I was trying to use up this green eye lash yarn I had tons of...this is a baby bear hat!
 It was suggested of me to make a teddy bear using the eyelash yarn, but I ran out of yarn and had to get one more skein. This takes roughly 3 skeins. I used purple acrylic as an under tone.
And last but not least...a work in progress!!! I am making a knit cardi for myself!! I need to sew it together and then crochet on the neck line and make the ties to tie it together. Then when its all said and done I will block it. I am so excited!! This is the second sweater I have ever made. My daughter got the first one! 

Thats it for now...stay tuned cuz my knitting journey is still fact, I am currently working on another baby hat as we speak. =o)