Thursday, December 8, 2011

The one I struggled with the most...

I was asked to make a set of knitted items. I added a twist to this special order. I wanted to be able to surprise my buyer with cabled owls on each piece so I really had to do some major brain-work LOL I had to do my least favorite thing: Math. I mixed patterns and made my own patterns. I struggled so much on the mitts. It was a major challenge. My hardest challenge to date. But after all the struggling, I mastered it and HEY, I even got a new pattern out of the deal and I very well could profit from it in the future by making more mitts (IF they sell) Soooo, without further they are. 

My Goofy daughter posing for me. Lol 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yarn Bombing...a new addiction.

I have always wanted to TRY Yarn Bombing, but never got up the gumption to actually go through with it. Well, that changed this week.  I have NOW done my very first (and second as of tonight) Yarn Bombing!!! And it was exciting. Though they are small...they are significant. =o) I now look at everything in a new way.  What can I bomb next?...adding a splash of color to this dull dreary world!!!

and #2 in front of Starbucks!!! 

And then there's this dork who had to pose in the pic. LOL yessss, its me. =P