Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

First timer ~INTARSIA~ among other yarnin'

So, wow...I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog front. Lots of yarnin has been goin on and I need to show you!! All this time...I have been working on a baby blanket using intarsia techniques. Not hard, just patience. Lol Being that it was my first time doing intarsia I had to be totally on the ball. I would find myself following the color chart...backwards in the middle of the row, when I should have been going the opposite direction. Arrrgh...I spent more time fixing my fudges. LOL But the end result is pretty darned impressive (if I do say so myself) 
Blocking it on the other hand, another story. I only have a large enough area that is traffic free during the day on my bed. Which meant that I didnt put enough padding (I used a blanket folded in half, but it wasnt enough) beneath the damp blanket and we got to sleep on damp sheets. =/ Good thing that the weather is warm. 

 Below: blanket being blocked =o)
I have crocheted a few things in between to break up the monotony...

 I need to weave in some ends on all this crochet stuff...
 I love the colors on this crochet circle blanket! Someone mentioned that it reminded them of the inside of a jawbreaker. Ha! They are right about that!! =o)

And today, I am back to knitting. Here is my WIP below:

Hope you enjoyed this yarnin catch up!!! Be back soon... =o)