Saturday, October 22, 2011

Second Chance Winner!!!! =o) "1000 Fan Celebration"

Congrats to the lucky winner:

     Congrats to you!!! Please be sure to use the contact  tab on my facebook page (WITHIN 24 HOURS PLEASE) to send me your address. Enjoy and if you feel wild n crazy...once you receive it, maybe you could share a pic so can add it to my fan album of happy customers...Thanks for entering!                                            
 Thank you all for entering, fanning my page, and visiting my blog.  It is much appreciated and so exciting!!! I never imagined it, W@W over 1000 fans...for lil ol me. =o)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not quite finished, but sooo close.

So one of my fans on my WeBeYarnin Page on FaceBook was talking about the dog sweaters she was making and it got me in the mood to make another Peanut sweater.
I still have to weave in the yarnin, but it is very close to done. And being that this is one of my furbabies...I couldnt resist posting more than one pic. =o)

 Now, this is my second FINISHED (or close to it) attempt at doing color work ie, Intarsia. I do still have a hard time carrying the yarn...the boxes tend to look split down the middle (where I was carrying yarn).  I have yet to understand why it does that or what I could be doing differently. It can only get better with practice.


W@WEeeeeeeee!!!! Can you believe it?  Almost 1000 FANS already!!! HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

I will be having a give away once I hit 1000 fans on my 
facebook Fan Page here @ WeBeYarnin

...share my page with anyone and everyone...leave your links on my WALL and lets spread the LINK LOVE!!! =o) 

Enter to win this OH SO GROOVY HIPPIE PURSE hand knit by me. =o)

RULES: Go Fan my page, LIKE WeBeYarnin and then come back to my BLOG and post that you did so.
I will use to choose a winner. 
Winner will be contacted and will have 24 hours to send shipping info, otherwise it will go to next person chosen.

*****Please note US residents get free shipping, 
international contestants will have to pay for shipping to their area****** 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wanted to share the groovi-ness...

I was pondering whether or not I wanted to add fringe and decided to go with it! I am so glad I did...I LOVE this scarf! I really wasnt so sure about it while I was knitting it and was planning on giving it to my daughter, but I think this is one we will be sharing =o)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stash Buster Bustin' a Move

Welp, after making a few pairs of slippers and using 2 strands of yarn...I got the idea to try to dwindle down my stash of odds n ends. I started this funky scarf for Hailey. I am kinda loving how it turned out. A lot better looking now that its off the needles. Now, I am deciding whether or not to add fringe to the ends. Hmmmmm. Oh and just a lil side note: the pink heart hat that I knitted for my friends baby shower was a huge hit! 
YAY ME! =o)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It must be in the water...

Seems everywhere I look...there are babies!!! Lots and lots of babies. So, I started knitting up some baby fun, quick, and easy.

This lil heart hat was my very first attempt at doing color-work/ intarsia. What do you think? Not too bad, eh?

In the Hot Feet...

Started knitting up some slippers for my parents for Christmas. Now my lil fam wants some too. =o)