Monday, January 23, 2012

Finished First Mohawk Hat

This was a special request made by a fellow crafter on my WeBeYarnin FB Page. To make this was a new challenge for me. I am always up for a new knitting project..and so I was on my way. Boy oh Boy is this ever a time consuming project. It took me over a week to finish. It was FUN, but ever so tedious. lol 

Here is the finished results...and modeling it is my daughter Hailey. =o) A few goofy ones thrown in for good measure as well. Models include: Albert A., Hailey A., and Gia S. 

First up we have Gia modeling the untrimmed version on the hat:
 Second we have Albert modeling the trimmed up version of the hat...still needs straps at this point.
 And lastly we have Hailey modeling the FINISHED product:

 Side view finished

This one is SOLD for partial cash/ partial product made by fellow crafter. Pics soon to come showing product trade. =o)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

trading talent for talent =o)

How cool is it that another great page (Heidi's Hook) in the crafty world wanted to make a trade with me?  Its nourishment for the soul. Makes me feel awesome to have the opportunity....I am trading her my knits for her crochets. Here is a piccy of what I am trading to her....(once I receive what she is making I will come back and add pics to this post) She mentioned how she has this "mild" addiction to Cherries and she loved the mitts so I surprised her and made a cherry washcloth. =o)

********Items above traded for the lovely items below**********

 Ohhhh this hat is simply adorable...Hailey loves it...and the lil scrubby below...I cant wait to use it!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Digi Camo...Special Order (1st finished knits for 2012)

Since I have started knitting up these cute covered fingerless mitts...I have gotten a special order.  They turned out pretty awesome and the person whom I made them for said they looked "sick" and like "digi camo" she really loved them and I am so glad. Its been a bit since I have shared anything so here is my first finished project since the new year~!