Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lovely Scarf, Dreaded Curl...

Good Morning!! I decided on a whim to add a blog post today! Now, bare with me as I havent had my coffee yet. (working on it now) If you follow me on Facebook you probably have been reading up on my current dilemma...the dreaded CURL!! =( Upon some research, I have found that the reason Garter borders do not do the trick in keeping stockinette from curling most of the time is due to the size of the stitches. The st st is a tall rectangle while the garter is a shorter stitch and it pulls in on itself. Errrrrgh! Right? Well, I will share a pic of the scarf I finished, Wet Blocked, and Steam Blocked....and still a major CURL.....grrrrrr. 

 Its still very lovely, but I was not able to block out the curl after a couple days....and I gave up trying...
Even while I was knitting this lovely and OH SO SOFT scarf, I knew I wanted to give it a go in a solid color. So I searched my hoard of yarn and found the perfect flattering peach color and gave it a go. 
I knew it was going to curl again, so I drove myself crazy trying to prevent it...I tried seed stitch border, I tried to slip the first stitch of the stockinette (right after border), I tried to work a short row in the border, and I even tried garter stitch all the way through to the leaves part of the pattern (I am not super fond of the garter stitch to begin with, so that wasnt going to work for me.) 
 (seed stitch w/ short rows)
 (garter all the way through)
 So, AT LAST, I found a SOLUTION!!! 
 A solution to my headache... I decided to try one of the suggestions in my online search... (in larger pic) I believe we have a winner!! Instead try: k2,yo,k2tog,k1 to create an eyelet of sorts. Now, why didn't I think of that? Cuz even after all these years I still consider myself a newb and am proud of it! There is so much to learn and I'm ever grateful for that...because if I knew everything, it could get boring real quick. #funponderingthoughts