Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yarnin Update =o)

So, first I must update you on the Saroyan scarf that I was pulling my hair out with on the last blog post. Truth is I THOUGHT I had fought the beast and won, but truth is...it kicked my bootay. Nothing I did worked to keep the edge from curling backwards. So I gave up. Ugh. Oh well. So many other things to do...So I have made a couple things since.

First up we have a plus size white shrug I made for myself. I used the largest size on the pattern and ended up being too big. Ouch. Kinda makes a girl feel skinny. Lol Anyhow, I ended up crocheting a decrease on neckline in order to keep it from falling off the shoulders. I soaked it in conditioner and washed it so that the "roughness" would come out of the RedHeart yarn I used. It worked. Thank goodness. Many compliments when I wore it last so thats good. ;)

Next we have a new challenge to me: Crocodile stitch. And a challenge it was. I kept doing it wrong even tho it looked almost right. For some reason I couldnt figure out why my scales wouldnt lay down flat...they were wanting to almost flip up...it was because I was not coming in through the bottom of each "post". I finally figured it out as you will see in the pics:

This was my learning swatch....which I turned into a cute pillow for my daughter! 
She looks like she wants to take a nap with it right now, doesnt she? Cute!

Then, I had a place mat in the works. The idea was to make a set, but ummmm, that isnt going to happen. This one took forever to finish and the sewing part was obnoxious. If you know me well...you know that sewing and I are not on great terms. HA! *(Even though I really really want to learn how to use my "new to me" sewing machine that we just recently acquired) Anyhow, I think doing it by hand is like a love/hate thing and I am on the latter side. lol 
I decided to use it as a focal point for my table...but no, to making 3 more. 

Ok, so back to the Crocodile Stitch...most of you know that I am partial to knitting, but I really did fall in love with this crochet stitch! This is what I made once I tackled this challenge. 

I was wondering what kind of handle to make in order for it to be sturdy enough and it was suggested to me to make 3 I-Cords and braid them...so that is just what I did. I knotted it for the pic, but it is long enough to use bag messenger style. The pic below shows the fabric I found to line it. I havent lined it just yet cuz I tend to procrastinate big time when it comes to sewing...yadayadayada.  Oh well...its coming up soon. =o) Promise! 
Ok, and last but not least, we have the Vortex Shawl I just finished and pinned on my bed today! I am pretty thrilled with this lacework! As you can see in the first pic, I did not have enough room to wet block this on my kitchen table...nor did I have enough blocking boards....guess I need to invest in another set.

  After much fiddling around, I finally got it blocked out on my bed. I fixed the left bottom side once I saw in the pic it looked a lil "off"...A lot of tweaking to get it just right. Now, I just hope it dries before bedtime!!

OK, well, thats it for now...I need to get that bag lined and probably work on my 10 Stitch Blanket some more...but what next? So many ideas, so little time, eh? =p