Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yarnin Catch-Up

 Finished up a couple of cowls. The top one was a special order. 

Finished a pair of ankle socks for myself...unraveled my husbands socks (the first pair I ever made, that he only wore once) 
With a ball of this awesome sock yarn left over...wonder what I will use it for. Hmmm.

Now onto the Grinchie Hats that were ordered for x-mas pictures for a friend.

This is the last of my holiday knitting...hope she enjoys them. =o)

Then I knit up a shawl for myself...gee, I am finally getting some things made for ME. lol 
 Last but not least, I had to try my hand at making a soap saver. I love it!

=o) Thats all for be continued.