Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Knit Bible Cover (with pattern)

We recently received new bibles and they are all the same shade of "grey, grey, or grey" and trying to grab three bibles out of the book bag and figure out who's was who was a bit annoying as we hadnt had our names embossed on them yet. Sooo, I decided to look for a bible cover pattern. The only one I found was written in Russian. I cant read that language and I am not cool enough to understand how to translate with another program. So, I decided to wing it. 

Please bear with me as I have never written a pattern for public use before. If you see any needed word changes, please feel free to comment below. The pattern I have written is only for the bible cover using sock yarn (the green one pictured below). I havent gotten the grey one written out completely yet. 

***Bible Cover*** *Sock Yarn (2 colors) *size 4 needles *7 st per inch *Work back and forth
CO 132 st (using main color)
**Knit 6 rows garter st  

Row 1: K6, PM (place marker), K50, PM (add new color, as you knit 1st st be sure to twist your mc over the other color so as to carry it over the next 3 p st, then twist again after every 3rd st in order to carry across back of cable) K1, P3, K12, P3, K1, PM,(MC) K50,PM,K6

 Row 2: K6, SM (slip marker), P50, SM,(Carry yarn as in row 1)P1, K3, P12, K3, P1, SM, P50, SM, K6 REPEAT ROWS 1-2 8x  

Row 3: K6, SM, K50, SM, K1, P3, C6B, K6, KC6 (K 6 off cable needle), P3, K1, SM, K50, SM, K6

CONTINUE MAKING 5 CABLES (or as length needed per your bible size)

 Fold over towards back and sew your sleeves. (makes deep pockets sleeves)


Owlie Pillow

I wanted to use up some of my stash and have always wanted to attempt making an owl pillow of some sort. So I kinda winged it. Hailey loved it and even Hubby wanted to be silly with it...And here is the proof!

Snood Mood?

Had a friend who sent me a pic of something she wanted me to make, but alas there was no pattern. So with the help of some friends in my knitting group, we came up with a pattern. And I was off and running! She loved it! She actually loved it so much that she has been wearing it every day since she bought it from me. Now two of her family members want one. I made 2 for myself as well. I wear them constantly too. Its like having a nice snuggly blanket wrapped around your neck and shoulders. =o) Here are some pics.

Love of Gloves!!!

It has been so long since I updated my blog that I am playing catch up with all the knifty knitted items I have completed. So here are my braided cable gloves! I wear them as much as possible with the cold weather. =o)

Got the Baby Blues...

I was asked to knit a baby blanket and because I bought far too much yarn I was able to make a hat and booties along with it. This blanket made me want to tare my hair out. I learned real quick to place a lifeline into it after every repeat row. I also learned real quick that if you are not paying attention...you can STILL make mistakes and have to rip out almost 4" of blanket even though there was a lifeline in it. Grrrr.

This is the yarn I made cakes out of. I used Carons Simply Soft in a teal color called Blue Mint. And let it begin:
...and because of the extra yarn I whipped up a hat & booties to go with it!

My Entrelac Mission

Ok so you all know how much I love to challenge myself, right? Well, I decided to have a go (again) at Entrelac. It looks soooo intimidating to me as well as many others. Well, The "set up" is the hardest part. Once I got the hang of it I was off and running...but I had to up the ante another notch...Along with teaching myself Entrelac, I had to teach myself how to go about knitting backwards. As I found the twisting and turning of entrelac to be most annoying. So, I had a go at it and it made this process sooo much easier. and Ta da!!! So I am going to share my pics with you now. =o)
This is the yarn I used.  It is so soft and I love how the colorway is.
This is a pic displaying both the front as well as the back so you can see what it looks like.  All knit on the front and all purls on the back.
I was so excited about the scarf and how it turned out that I HAD to make a hat to go with it. Another challenge, yes!!! And it went over well. I love it!! I do get a ton of complements when I wear it. =o)