Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Knit Bible Cover (with pattern)

We recently received new bibles and they are all the same shade of "grey, grey, or grey" and trying to grab three bibles out of the book bag and figure out who's was who was a bit annoying as we hadnt had our names embossed on them yet. Sooo, I decided to look for a bible cover pattern. The only one I found was written in Russian. I cant read that language and I am not cool enough to understand how to translate with another program. So, I decided to wing it. 

Please bear with me as I have never written a pattern for public use before. If you see any needed word changes, please feel free to comment below. The pattern I have written is only for the bible cover using sock yarn (the green one pictured below). I havent gotten the grey one written out completely yet. 

***Bible Cover*** *Sock Yarn (2 colors) *size 4 needles *7 st per inch *Work back and forth
CO 132 st (using main color)
**Knit 6 rows garter st  

Row 1: K6, PM (place marker), K50, PM (add new color, as you knit 1st st be sure to twist your mc over the other color so as to carry it over the next 3 p st, then twist again after every 3rd st in order to carry across back of cable) K1, P3, K12, P3, K1, PM,(MC) K50,PM,K6

 Row 2: K6, SM (slip marker), P50, SM,(Carry yarn as in row 1)P1, K3, P12, K3, P1, SM, P50, SM, K6 REPEAT ROWS 1-2 8x  

Row 3: K6, SM, K50, SM, K1, P3, C6B, K6, KC6 (K 6 off cable needle), P3, K1, SM, K50, SM, K6

CONTINUE MAKING 5 CABLES (or as length needed per your bible size)

 Fold over towards back and sew your sleeves. (makes deep pockets sleeves)



  1. What a lovely idea, thank you for sharing your pattern :-)

  2. Beautiful bible cover! Well done! :)