Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yarnin Catch-Up

 Finished up a couple of cowls. The top one was a special order. 

Finished a pair of ankle socks for myself...unraveled my husbands socks (the first pair I ever made, that he only wore once) 
With a ball of this awesome sock yarn left over...wonder what I will use it for. Hmmm.

Now onto the Grinchie Hats that were ordered for x-mas pictures for a friend.

This is the last of my holiday knitting...hope she enjoys them. =o)

Then I knit up a shawl for myself...gee, I am finally getting some things made for ME. lol 
 Last but not least, I had to try my hand at making a soap saver. I love it!

=o) Thats all for be continued.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I cant believe I have yet to share with you my sweater that I finished a while back!! I am proud of it. Yes, there are a couple imperfections, but I will get it next time. =o) It still needs to be blocked...but here is the run down on the hoe down. =P

First up we have the pieces laid out and pinned up for sewing. 

And here we have me trying to sew up arm...using mattress stitch...not such a grand plan. =( Had to get some help from the ladies in the knitting groups. 

not perfect but, much better... 

Here we have it all finished, but not yet blocked out:

And last, but not least (still not blocked, but anxious to get a pic of me in it!!)

Yes, there it is folks!! Me in MY sweater. I love it. Cant wait to wear it this winter!!! Eeeks. So exciting!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming out of a Yarnin' Funk

Well, I must have hit a yarnin slump of some kind. For me, that was really worrisome. My first passion was drawing and learning new art techniques...well, we had some trying times and I lost my ability to just sit down and draw. A major block that had me really upset. So I was kinda worried that this was beginning to once again happen to me. I thought, Noooo...yarnin is my passion and I really NEED to knit. It is so therapeutic on so many levels. So, enough about that. I think I am coming out of it just fine. But here is a round up of what was going on in my yarnin world:

First up we have this awesome yarn that I found at the thrift store for just a couple dollars. I was super excited cuz it was so pretty. So, I thought I would make a scarf to show the beauty:

This looks great, right? So pretty laid out flat...only problem is =(

It kept curling on the sides. I tried to start over 2 times with a different knit sequence to no avail. It just kept doing its own thing. Soooo, moving right along...

I thought I would try my hand in Entrelac....Not too shabby for a first time, tho on the second tier, I messed up. I didnt have a counter with me and I was trying to wing it. That didnt work in my favor. LOL So, I went on to this lovely cowl... But first I must tell you that I had MAJOR issues with the pattern I found online. The knitting terminology had me thrown for a loop. But with a LOT of help from my knitting yarnies I came through with flying colors. After trying 3 different times...this is what we have come up with:
I love this cowl!! It is so warm and snuggly...I cant believe it took me this long to venture into cowl-land!! 
and here is an up-close pic (before being blocked...and heck, I might not block it after all) I am wearing it as I type just now and its just too cool for school!!

...and just for fun, I will share another project that had me pulling my hair out...First up, the lovely yarn that I got from unraveling a scarf from the thrift store. Lovely yarn! I have never had the pleasure of owning such plush yarn. Thick and thin is something I have never knit up before. 

and THIS is what I started crocheting:
with lots of starting over and trials and errors (rippling) along the way. I finally ended up putting it away safely for now, I am worried that the 2 strands of cotton isnt thick enough to keep up with the center yarn. So just a tad bit mystified on this one...ok, here ya go!

There ya have it my yarnin friends...a bit of what I have been up to. And hopefully I have come out of the slump I was fearing. Now, what next?? =o)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Winner Winner!!!

You are the winner of the adorable cabled owl hat!! Enjoy and thanks so much for entering my 1500 Fan Celebration!!
You have 24 hours to PM me your address so I can get this sent out to you... =) 

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered as well. =o)

Thank you to ALL my fans for showing support for my yarnin' adventures~ 
So exciting that I am just over the 1500 mark!! 
Hope I can continue to inspire you and take you on my journey!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

1500 Fan Appreciation Celebration!!


W@WEeeeeeeee!!!! Can you believe it?  Almost 1500 FANS already!!! HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

I will be having a give away once I hit 1500 fans on my 
facebook  Fan  Page here @ WeBeYarnin

...share my page with anyone and everyone...leave your links on my WALL and lets spread the LINK LOVE!!! =o) 

Enter to win this OH SO CUTE CHILD'S  OWL  HAT  hand  knit by me. =o)

RULES: Go Fan my page, LIKE WeBeYarnin and then come back to my BLOG and post that you did so.
I will use to choose a winner. 
Winner will be contacted and will have 24 hours to send shipping info, otherwise it will go to next person chosen.

*****Please note US residents get free shipping, 
international contestants will have to pay for shipping to their area****** 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yarnin' Catch Up~

 This is the baby gnome hat!! A lovely lady won this in a celebration auction! I hope she will come back and share pics once the baby is born. =o)

 I think I was trying to use up this green eye lash yarn I had tons of...this is a baby bear hat!
 It was suggested of me to make a teddy bear using the eyelash yarn, but I ran out of yarn and had to get one more skein. This takes roughly 3 skeins. I used purple acrylic as an under tone.
And last but not least...a work in progress!!! I am making a knit cardi for myself!! I need to sew it together and then crochet on the neck line and make the ties to tie it together. Then when its all said and done I will block it. I am so excited!! This is the second sweater I have ever made. My daughter got the first one! 

Thats it for now...stay tuned cuz my knitting journey is still fact, I am currently working on another baby hat as we speak. =o)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yarnin Catch Up Time =o)

Bebe Yoda Hat
Skull n Cross Bones Wristlettes
Market Bag
Lil Purse for Hailey
Owlie Purse (back)

Front Flap with Tassles
And last but not least...the BlueBell Bebe Hat....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

First timer ~INTARSIA~ among other yarnin'

So, wow...I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog front. Lots of yarnin has been goin on and I need to show you!! All this time...I have been working on a baby blanket using intarsia techniques. Not hard, just patience. Lol Being that it was my first time doing intarsia I had to be totally on the ball. I would find myself following the color chart...backwards in the middle of the row, when I should have been going the opposite direction. Arrrgh...I spent more time fixing my fudges. LOL But the end result is pretty darned impressive (if I do say so myself) 
Blocking it on the other hand, another story. I only have a large enough area that is traffic free during the day on my bed. Which meant that I didnt put enough padding (I used a blanket folded in half, but it wasnt enough) beneath the damp blanket and we got to sleep on damp sheets. =/ Good thing that the weather is warm. 

 Below: blanket being blocked =o)
I have crocheted a few things in between to break up the monotony...

 I need to weave in some ends on all this crochet stuff...
 I love the colors on this crochet circle blanket! Someone mentioned that it reminded them of the inside of a jawbreaker. Ha! They are right about that!! =o)

And today, I am back to knitting. Here is my WIP below:

Hope you enjoyed this yarnin catch up!!! Be back soon... =o)