Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming out of a Yarnin' Funk

Well, I must have hit a yarnin slump of some kind. For me, that was really worrisome. My first passion was drawing and learning new art techniques...well, we had some trying times and I lost my ability to just sit down and draw. A major block that had me really upset. So I was kinda worried that this was beginning to once again happen to me. I thought, Noooo...yarnin is my passion and I really NEED to knit. It is so therapeutic on so many levels. So, enough about that. I think I am coming out of it just fine. But here is a round up of what was going on in my yarnin world:

First up we have this awesome yarn that I found at the thrift store for just a couple dollars. I was super excited cuz it was so pretty. So, I thought I would make a scarf to show the beauty:

This looks great, right? So pretty laid out flat...only problem is =(

It kept curling on the sides. I tried to start over 2 times with a different knit sequence to no avail. It just kept doing its own thing. Soooo, moving right along...

I thought I would try my hand in Entrelac....Not too shabby for a first time, tho on the second tier, I messed up. I didnt have a counter with me and I was trying to wing it. That didnt work in my favor. LOL So, I went on to this lovely cowl... But first I must tell you that I had MAJOR issues with the pattern I found online. The knitting terminology had me thrown for a loop. But with a LOT of help from my knitting yarnies I came through with flying colors. After trying 3 different times...this is what we have come up with:
I love this cowl!! It is so warm and snuggly...I cant believe it took me this long to venture into cowl-land!! 
and here is an up-close pic (before being blocked...and heck, I might not block it after all) I am wearing it as I type just now and its just too cool for school!!

...and just for fun, I will share another project that had me pulling my hair out...First up, the lovely yarn that I got from unraveling a scarf from the thrift store. Lovely yarn! I have never had the pleasure of owning such plush yarn. Thick and thin is something I have never knit up before. 

and THIS is what I started crocheting:
with lots of starting over and trials and errors (rippling) along the way. I finally ended up putting it away safely for now, I am worried that the 2 strands of cotton isnt thick enough to keep up with the center yarn. So just a tad bit mystified on this one...ok, here ya go!

There ya have it my yarnin friends...a bit of what I have been up to. And hopefully I have come out of the slump I was fearing. Now, what next?? =o)

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