Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I cant believe I have yet to share with you my sweater that I finished a while back!! I am proud of it. Yes, there are a couple imperfections, but I will get it next time. =o) It still needs to be blocked...but here is the run down on the hoe down. =P

First up we have the pieces laid out and pinned up for sewing. 

And here we have me trying to sew up arm...using mattress stitch...not such a grand plan. =( Had to get some help from the ladies in the knitting groups. 

not perfect but, much better... 

Here we have it all finished, but not yet blocked out:

And last, but not least (still not blocked, but anxious to get a pic of me in it!!)

Yes, there it is folks!! Me in MY sweater. I love it. Cant wait to wear it this winter!!! Eeeks. So exciting!!!

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