Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yarn snob? Nooooo

Now that I've been spinning my own yarn...I'm so excited! I have so much yarn coming out of my ears. I'm hoping that Hailey will help me use up what commercial yarns I have...she's got the know how, but is lacking on the drive. One day...maybe.
I also ventured into making a rag rug. I bought some sheets and started the task of ripping them up. What fun! Lol
Now I have a good sized rug in my livingroom.
I have started knitting with my hand spun yarn as well...my first project wasn't the best. Kinda coarse...as my first skeins were plied with thread. I finally tried to ply yarn on itself and my oh my what a lovely treasure! So soft and just beautiful!

A Spinning adventure

As many of you know...I've been knitting about 7 years now. I started to get bored and needed a new challenge... so I started dreaming about something new. Spinning!!  I started out using a home made drop spindle.  Fun...but slow. I needed something more...

So I started to look on YouTube at all the spinning adventures. I was then looking for a spinning wheel. I found one for $85.   Not a bad price to start with...considering the prices I've now seen for wheels! Talk about ouch! Anyhow, I bought the wheel and brought it home...where it sat for 3 months collecting dust.  I quite honestly was intimidated. 

I finally broke down and tried to get going on it. Talk about frustration!  I wasn't any good at learning how to drive a stick...so it was a rough start learning how to get the wheel going in one direction, getting the yarn to go onto the bobbin...ect. too many moving parts. Lol
I kept on.  I am in a few groups for spinning on facebook.  Someone gave me a world of advice: listen to slow rythem music while treadling in order to slow down the treadle. So many moving parts.  FINALLY, after a few months something clicked!

I started 2 plying with threads. Just recently I started plying on itself....and WOW!! what a difference!

I've since created some beautiful yarns.