Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hey...I can knit that!

I recently went to JCP'S to help a sister shop for a baby shower gift...mostly just to tag along...cuz how hard is it really? Well...narrowing it down is the hardest part. Everything is sooooo cute! Anyway I came across this cute knit pom hat. Who hasn't found something knit or crochet and said "Hey, I can knit that!" Yeah. So I had it on the brain and am working to use up my stash. So I kinda loosely wrote up a pattern for an ADULT size and started straight away.  Took me one day! With 2 strands of worsted and size 13 needles. 2 huge pom poms later and wallah! I wasn't aware of how heavy the poms would be. It's still cute but I'd make em smaller if I made again. Since I can't figure out how to place image under this's located at very bottom of this post. 

I am still working on my seed stitch wrap...Each color stripe seems to take forevvvverrrrrrr.  Great mindless night time knitting.  Talk about disciplined!  

I also knit up a Swiffer mop reusable mop pad. I love these things. So much better than frivolously spending money. 
Heres my second time knitting up an entrelac scarf. I was gifted a bag of yarn while I was down n out a couple months ago...I decided to gift it back. So out came this beautiful scarf. I took the time to soak it in conditioner, wash it, and block it. It really helped soften the acrylic yarn and it turned out so nice! 

Here it is! My cable pom well as some sock yarn grannies.  I've been learning how to make African violet squares...they are fun! I had an idea to create a curtain of sorts with them, but we shall see...that will take a whole Lotta squares! Lol