Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not quite finished, but sooo close.

So one of my fans on my WeBeYarnin Page on FaceBook was talking about the dog sweaters she was making and it got me in the mood to make another Peanut sweater.
I still have to weave in the yarnin, but it is very close to done. And being that this is one of my furbabies...I couldnt resist posting more than one pic. =o)

 Now, this is my second FINISHED (or close to it) attempt at doing color work ie, Intarsia. I do still have a hard time carrying the yarn...the boxes tend to look split down the middle (where I was carrying yarn).  I have yet to understand why it does that or what I could be doing differently. It can only get better with practice.

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  1. cute , i need to make some for my little puppies <3 Tink