Friday, January 9, 2009

Dog Sweater on KK Loom

This was done on the red knifty knitter loom. I had no pattern to go by...I just kinda winged it. Turned out really nice, cept for one thing: The neck hole was too big. She kept wriggling out of it. So, I added a drawstring type deal and now she cant wriggle no I just did a 2 over 1 for the "collar" and then did 2 over 2...and then (as an end cuff to make it tight against her body) I attempted to do the p,kp,k but because I was new to it and had a small child bouncing all over the place it was very hard to keep track of where I So I guess it looks a lot like the seed stitch? Thats what I was told anyway. All in all I am pretty proud of the outcome. What do you think?

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