Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is the hat I recently made for my daughter, Hailey. I did this one on the green knitting loom...

though with the brim it made it a bit snug. I will have to do this on the yellow loom as she adopted the "big head" symptom from her Daddy. Lol.

Now...moving right along...I was trying my luck doing the "knit purl knit purl" for the top part in white. I literally had to write "k, p" all around my green loom as when you have a small child bopping around all over the place its very hard to keep track...'specially when you are new to learning it.

I did the brim in 2 over 1, then I finished the purple in 2 over 2, then the white in p,k. Then last but not least, I added a cute lil pom pom on top. She loves it! Though she says its a bit snug as I mentioned above. Now I know what to do for next time. :)

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